Duff O'Melia


Just a quick post on a thought I’ve been having. After starting to market Soapbox 2 days ago, people have started using the site. People started signing up. Reviews were being written. I started getting some constructive feedback and some compliments.

And then I started thinking things like, “Maybe this site could be useful to folks. Maybe it could be a hit. Maybe I’m good at this. Maybe I’m just talented and the things that are happening are all because of me. I’m great.” It’s amazing to me how easy it is to have issues with pride. It’s amazing to me how easily I can start to take all the credit for the things that go well in my life. It’s amazing how quickly I can forget how many parts of my life have been COMPLETELY out of my control.

I thought I’d list just a few. I didn’t give myself life. I didn’t give myself a brain. I didn’t give myself the particular aptitudes that I have. I wasn’t responsible for the series of events causing me to live at this time and in this place in North Carolina. I’m unable to add one day to my life through my own will. I cannot begin to count all of the events and circumstances in my life that just seemed to work out in an incredible way. Some would call these events lucky breaks. They all add up to where I’m at right now. And they were outside my control.

I pray that I never forget the gifts God has given me. Yes, I’ve sometimes worked hard at stuff to accomplish some goals. I pray that I’ll never forget that the goals would not be possible were it not for God’s help. I would not be the person I am today were it not for the most amazing gift I’ve ever received, God’s gift of His Son Jesus.