Duff O'Melia

Politicians and the IRS

Why is it that there aren’t more politicians like Ron Paul who would like to abolish the IRS and eliminate federal income taxes? Do Americans love paying federal income taxes? Do Americans enjoy filling out form after form in excruciating detail every year? How it the government’s business to know how we make our money?

Some have said that we can’t eliminate federal income taxes because then the government wouldn’t have the money it needs. Ron Paul has been talking about the surprising truth of the matter – the federal government obtains only 1/3 of its budget from federal income taxes. So if we cut spending by 1/3, we could eliminate the IRS. The next logical question is, how on earth will we cut the budget by 33%? Well, if we bring spending back to the level it was at it in the year 2000, that would be a 33% cut.

I’m not sure what’s more surprising – that we’d only have to turn the spending clock back by a few years, or that government spending has increased by SO MUCH in such a short time.