Duff O'Melia

Profit Is Good

Am I the only one left who thinks that profit is good? That profit is an indication of how much you’ve served those around you? That profit is an indication of how much value you’ve provided to someone else who willingly paid you for the product you created?

I found this John Edwards ad to be disturbing. What exactly is Edwards trying to say? He seems to be saying, “This mill was no longer profitable so the owner decided to shut it down. The government should have taken money from some citizens (through taxation) and given it to the owners of the mill so they could keep an unprofitable venture going.”

This doesn’t help American workers. It delays the inevitable. In a free market economy some businesses fail. This is good and healthy. The longer governments prop up failing businesses the worse the eventual failure becomes. When will we realize that government meddling does more harm than good?

It sure would nice to have a president who truly understands economics.