Duff O'Melia

My Work

Some of the things I've had a hand in making


Helping businesses store credit cards and process payments.

No Kahuna

Teams need to communicate to operate effectively. No Kahuna is simple project management without the noise.

The Connected Republic

A community space, initiated by Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group, where people interested in public sector transformation can share their ideas.

Crossfit Dashboard

Crossfit gym membership management, billing, and store.


An excellent ruby library for Riak, Basho’s distributed database. I’ve pushed a few commits to this open source project.

Medaxion Pulse

Gives anesthesia practices mobile scheduling and communication while elminating paperwork.

Bravewriter Classroom

Bravewriter uses this site to manage their online courses and improve communication between students and teachers.


Show the energy usage in your home and cut your energy bills.


Connects knowledge consumers with knowledge providers