Duff O'Melia

Hearing "No"

It seems that every life story I’ve read about successful entrepreneurs includes them being told over and over again that they’re idea couldn’t possibly work. Here are some of the forms of “No” that are often heard:

  • “I doubt anyone would want that”.
  • “Other companies are already doing that.”
  • “That would be too difficult. It couldn’t work.”
  • “That would cost too much money.”
  • “What if you fail at that?”
  • “That would take too long to implement.”
  • “If you did that, one of the big companies out there would implement that and you wouldn’t be able to compete.”

Humans generally resist change. Entrepreneurs generally embrace change and bring it about.

The act of creating a business isn’t supposed to be easy. If everyone you talk to about your idea thinks it’s great, perhaps it’s not such a great idea. Perhaps it’s too easy to implement. Perhaps it’s not a big enough change from the status quo.

Perhaps we should be excited to hear from the skeptics. Hearing from the skeptics might mean that you’re onto something.