Duff O'Melia


I just love this quote from J.D. Tuccille :

Red and blue tribal loyalists shriek about each other’s perfidy because they have conspired to intrude the state into virtually every area of human life. Having created a government so powerful that it tells them what size toilet they can install in their homes, steals the lion’s share of the average shmoe’s gross play, and kicks in people’s doors for smoking the wrong plant (weed or tobacco — your choice) or playing poker without a permit, they’ve suddenly discovered that who’s in charge is really important.

Also enjoyed this:

Here’s a small suggestion for both lefties and righties, for whatever it’s worth. You know that nasty, slobbering beast you’ve created out of the government? Take it out and shoot it. We’ll start over again with something that minds its manners and leaves us all alone.

Republicans and Democrats take turns “leading”. Nothing really changes though. Government gets bigger and more powerful, and they take more of our freedom and money. And for all of you fans of Reagan out there – he grew government too.